How does this extension serve you?

When you receive a short link from an identified source or for unclear purpose, be aware of the security risk.
Check real URL address
Use our extension to check the full URL behind the shortened URL and understand the risk.
use the secure original link
Always click on the original URL after you are sure that it's safe.

Check the original URL in the autocomplete area of the address bar

Put a @ followed by a short link in the address bar of your Chrome browser. Select the "Reveal the real URL behind this" in the autocomplete area.

safe domain
safe shortcuts

Convert a short link to the original

Inside the mini dashboard of this extension, we also provide you a quick tool to check any short link that you encounter. After you are sure that it's a safe link to a legitimate website, you can simply click "Copy Original URL" and paste it in your browser's address bar to continue to the site.

Changing your default search engine to Yahoo

In order to provide the functionality to checking the shortened URL from your address bar, we require to change your default search engine to our search domain, powered by Yahoo. Our search domain serves as a placeholder in order to access your autocomplete area. We do not require an additional permission to detect your previous default search engine and Yahoo is our default choice. You can always change it to other search engines that we support, such as Google or Bing.


Do you have a question for us?

Although shortened URLs are super convenient in our daily internet browsing, malicious players on this wild web might use shortened URL to disguise their true evil destination. It's always a good practice to check the original link behind the shortened URL before simply clicking on it.

Of course, you can download it for free from Chrome Web Store to your Google Chrome browser.

First, you can open the mini dashboard to copy the shortened URL into the conversion box. Secondly, you can enter @ followed by a short URL directly into your browser's address bar and select the quick link in the autocomplete area to convert the short URL.

In order to provide the functionality of this extension, we need to place a "placeholder" search domain to replace your current default search engine. We do not collect the information about which search engine you are using as your current default, but we do need to point this search domain somewhere. And our choice is Yahoo. Feel free to change it to Google or Bing if that's your favorite.

We are sorry to see you leave... But we fully understand. Check out our Uninstall page for detailed instructions.